A new way to organize the Internet

Hyperlink5 can be used on iPads and iPhones

Hyperlink5 is a free cloud-based bookmark manager that allows you access bookmarks across computers and devices without syncing.

  • Save bookmarks to cloud-based page
  • Drag & drop organization
  • Accessible from mobile phones and tablets
  • Private bookmarks for shared computers
  • Free, always
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How it works

Hyperlink5 has extensions for adding a link in Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Install a browser extension

Sign up and using the browser of your choice, install our Chrome or Firefox browser extensions.

Saving link from browser

Save links from your browser

You can easily add links using our browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox.

Editing links

Drag & drop to move, right-click to edit

It's extremely simple to edit your links. Right-click on it to edit the text. Drag and drop it to group things.

Why not just use bookmarks?

Multi-level menus

No clunky menus or folders

Folders hide key links and menus are a pain to use. Hyperlink5 has neither because links are thoughtfully organized in columns, groups, and rows.

Showing hundreds of links

Easily manage hundreds of links

Having a whole page for your links allows you to easily manage hundreds of links.

mobile friendly views

Bookmarks aren't mobile

Because of limitations with mobile devices and browsers, booksmarks aren't sync'd with your mobile device. You can access hyperlink5 from any device, with the links optimized for your screen size.