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Install Add-Ons in Firefox and/or Chrome

After you have registered for Hyperlink5 and sign in, your next step should be to install the browser add-ons for Chrome and/or Firefox. These plug-ins allow you to easily add bookmarks of the current page your are viewing, including both the URL and the page title.

Firefox users may want to move Hyperlink5 from the Add-On bar to the main button bar at the top. Firefox oddly decided to make the Add On bar hard-to-find and with small icons. You can get around this but right-clicking the Add-On bar or your top toolbar and selecting “Customize”. While in the Customize mode, you can drag the Hyperlink5 icon from your Add-On bar to the top toolbar.

Export your browsers bookmarks

The add-ons also give you the ability to export all of your bookmarks onto your Hyperlink5 homepage. After you install the Add-On, click the icon and select “Export”. Follow the instructions and your bookmarks will be added.

Bookmark or Make your homepage

I know we said that we’re against bookmarks, and we are the most part. We still find it helpful to leave a few highly prominent bookmarks in our browser for very common websites like our e-mail and our Hyperlink5 homepage. Consider adding your homepage link to your bookmark toolbar—it will make accessing them that much faster.

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