Getting the most out of Hyperlink5

You might be wondering how best to integrate Hyperlink5 with your normal web surfing.  There’s obviously no single answer, but here are a few tips based on how I’ve been using the tool for the past couple of years.

Set your homepage to Hyperlink5

If you don’t have a homepage that you like to load when your browser loads, or when you press the home button, I highly recommend setting Hyperlink5 as your homepage. This makes it that much faster to use your links.

Use your browser bookmark toolbar for sites you access many times a day

No bookmarking tool, even Hyperlink5, needs to completely replace your browser bookmarks. In fact, I still keep my heavily used links in my browser toolbar so that I don’t have to load the webpage to access them.

Use Hyperlink5 for everything else

If you only access a website a few times a day or less, then it makes a lot of sense to bookmark to Hyperlink5 instead of your browser.

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